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image of a multicolor brain.

Recruiting graduate students for the 2024-2025 school year!

About Us
In the Translational Cognitive Neuroscience & Memory Lab, our work is focused on characterizing the organization of human memory and supporting brain structures in both functional and dysfunctional systems. We use a variety of behavioral and neuroimaging tools to investigate these issues as they relate to both basic cognitive theory and specific real-world problems, particularly in health science and medicine. In our lab we take a collaborative approach, leveraging the benefits of crossdisciplinary team-based science.
Research Philosophy
Integrity in everything. We strive to engage in careful, rigorous, and informed research that we can be proud of with a commitment to thoughtful and generous interactions to build each other up and create a community of support and innovation.

We are better together. To ask big questions and to solve big problems, collaboration and team science are essential. Crossdisciplinary expertise is a catalyst for new discovery.

Science is for everyone. Our work is funded by the public and we must always remember that our work is also for the public. Community outreach and community exposure are part of our scientific mission.